Keep track of hours on projects with budgets

If your clients give you a budget to work with, it takes regular effort to make sure the budget is not exceeded.

Meet Budgets.

Timesheetr now makes it easier by tracking hours against your budget. Timesheetr makes this information available to all users that work on that project. By tracking and showing the total number of hours for your organization versus the budget, users can see how much is left for a project and take action, before the budget has been wildly exceeded.

There are two ways a project can be budget.

  1. A fixed budget, since a certain date. For example: Project A has 500 hours and started 1/1/2019. Timesheetr will track the 500 hours across your organization since 1/1/2019.
  2. A budget per billing period. For example: Project B has 40 hours per month. Timesheetr will track the 40 hours across your organization every billing period. These are indicated with a refresh icon (in the example picture below, they are the orange and red projects).

The green color is used for projects within 0-80% range, orange for 80-100% and red for 100% and up.


How to get started?

An administrator can set up budgets by visiting the Projects page and settings budgets for those that need one.

Update Budget for a Project (Admin interface)

Nice to meet you, Budgets!

Other updates/fixes in this release

  • The name of the organization shows in the top left corner
  • Users can enter payments (to get reimbursed for example) and see an archive of payments related to themselves
  • On mobile the planning shows days since last Monday
  • The mobile menu includes the name of the organization
  • Other small visual, security and performance updates
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