Better select box for projects

The select box has been updated. You can now easily search for projects. This is especially useful if you have a long list of projects.

Custom Date Range

TimeSheetr now also supports custom date ranges, just in case you want to break out of your billing cycle. This can be useful for reports or anything out of the ordinary.

Preserving your selected project/activity

Your selected project/activity is now saved for a very long time. Even if you close the browser. So if don’t use TimeSheetr all the time, it’s convenient that your activity stays selected.

Sending Payroll

You can now send your payroll email directly from the app to your payroll specialist. Whether in your company or outside. You set the payroll email in the company settings.

Comments per day

You can now comment on a certain day. The admin and user can communicate about why something was filled out the way it was. Eg. if the user was sick or left early you can note it right there. Each … Read More

Nicer graphics

All charts have been converted to the new google charts api!

Rush checkboxes

Drop everything you’re working on, client “x” needs feature “y” right now!!! I mean yesterday! If this ever happened to you, you know it’s a pain. You have worked the weekend getting everything organized and planned for the week, to … Read More