Typical Setup

A typical set up starts on the account settings page. Make sure you enter your organization’s billing start date (eg. last Sunday) and billing cycle duration (eg. 7 days). Then enter the payroll start date (eg. last Monday) and duration (eg. 14 days). We start our billing cycle on Sunday, that way we can use Sunday/Monday to prepare invoices.

You can also enter your organization’s default billing rate. This can be overridden for each project, user and even on a project/user basis.


First we want to connect to Basecamp to pull in projects and to-do items. This is only useful if you are already using Basecamp.

Note: Only the Timesheetr account owner can do this.

Make sure you are logged in as the owner of your Basecamp account on Basecamp before you start the connection process.

On the account settings page, select the New Basecamp tab (1). Click Connect (2) to set up a connection with Basecamp.


Click the button to allow (3) the connection between Timesheetr and Basecamp.


You will see a confirmation message at the top of the screen indicating success.



Then we want to connect to Freshbooks. Only useful if you use Freshbooks (it’s a very good solution for invoicing and receiving payments).

Note: Only the Timesheetr account owner can do this.

On the account settings page, select the Freshbooks tab.


Find out what your Freshbooks sub domain is…


…and paste it into Timesheetr (1) and hit Save (2).


Then click Connect (3) to set up the secure connection with Freshbooks.


On the following screen, allow the connection (4) to complete the set up for Freshbooks.


If you select the Freshbooks tab again, you should see that the button is now green and says “Connected”.


To verify that it all works well with Freshbooks, go to billing, select a project to bill and you should see invoices and clients to select from.

Add colleagues

Now that you have set up the most important parts, you can visit the users page and add your colleagues, so everyone can track their time for billing and payroll and great reports.