Visual Time Tracking for Creative Agencies. Done. Right.

Forget Timers

They never seem to add up to a full day of work, anyway.

  • Timesheetr comes with an optimized user experience for quick and easy time entry.
  • Timesheetr is all visual, so you’ll never forget another time bracket.
  • This increases your billable hours and you’ll know exactly where all your team’s hours go.
  • Add a  🏆 Rewards Program to incentivize your team members filling it out timely.
  • And the bonus? Because all time is tracked, you can use the same information to pay your team.
Project Management with Basecamp

Timesheetr integrates with all Basecamp releases. This is optional, but a great way to keep your projects synchronized per user so the project list is always up to date and users see only their own projects. Basecamp to-do’s are loaded on the fly to make entering details easier than ever.

No Basecamp? No problem!
Timesheetr comes with built-in project and to-do management, so you can create any projects you’re working on.

Smart Billing

Timesheetr knows about your billing cycle, and the projects that need to be billed. Timesheetr makes it easy to add to a new or existing invoice for your clients.

Timesheetr works with any billing software. Simply paste the information right into your invoices. You can also use the built-in reports and make your billing a breeze.

If you like automation, you will love our Zapier integration*, which allows you to connect to pretty much any billing software on the platform, such as Xero and Invoice Ninja.

Zapier integrations

* Our Zapier integration is in development. Contact support to join the private beta.

Easy Payroll

Send the hours for your team to your payroll company with one click. Everyone gets paid according to their timesheet, including over-time and contractors.

Pay your contractors around the world in their own currency with a single file. Get your whole payroll done quickly with our Wise (previously TransferWise) integration. Saves time and exchange rates!

Great Reports

Know where your team’s time goes. Timesheetr generates stunning charts. Team members receive an email report at the end of each billing cycle and admins get an email report for all team members, so you’re always in the loop.

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The Complete Package

Timesheetr comes with more than just visual time tracking. It has to-do lists, planning, budgets, reimbursements, billing, payroll and reports. All in one easy to use cloud product. No installation needed.

Visual Time Tracking

Visual means you never forget another time bracket. It's as easy as painting your day. By default time slots are 15 minutes, but this can be between 5 - 30 minutes depending on your needs.

Planning, to-do's and budgets built-in

The planning, to-do's and project budgets help your team to stay on task and within a project's allotted hours.

Billing and Payroll

Setup different billing and payroll periods and with all the hours tracked, billing and payroll are a breeze.

Project Management

Keep your project on track with management tools for your team's time and money.

To-do lists

Timesheetr has built-in to-do's, to keep track of all the details with comments markdown and file attachments. You can bundle your to-do's into Milestones. You can give clients access to Milestones.

Project Planning

To keep track of the big picture with regards to time, you can create a planning for each of your team members (or let them manage their own).

Project Budgets

Whether you like to keep the number of hours within limits on a project, or you have a specific number of hours you should not exceed per billing period, Timesheetr got you covered with team wide progress bars to keep everyone in the loop.

Trusted by

Marketing Agencies, Design Agencies, CBS Sports, Dell, HP, Disney, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Forbes Associates, Chapman University, Yale University, University of Maryland, Bank of Montana, Consulting firms, CPA’s. Clients from all around the world including North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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