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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

We immediately send you an email with your password. If you don’t see it, please check your spam/junk folder. If you still don’t see it, please try to do a password reset.

Sure, please follow along with this typical setup guide.

Please take a look at our typical use guide.

We send a notification when your trial period is over and if you don’t choose a plan and put in a payment method, a few days later your account is automatically canceled. If you have missed one or both emails, it may come as an unpleasant surprise to you. Please contact us and we’ll reactivate your account shortly to give you time to change to a plan and add your payment method.

The billing page helps the person doing the billing. It has all the billable projects listed and the specifics for each project, so that hourly billing becomes a breeze. If the Zapier integration has been activated, it’s even easier. You can simply select one or more projects and Zapier will add everything to a new invoice for you. Read more about Zapier.

You can archive projects if they were created in Timesheetr. If it’s a Basecamp project, it will be archived automatically when you archive it in Basecamp. If you don’t want a particular Basecamp project to show up for certain people you need to remove those people from the Basecamp project. Admins can archive people in Timesheetr.

When you enter time for your day, you can select the client’s project from a drop down and then enter the specifics. Those will then go on the client’s invoice. If the Basecamp integration has been activated, you can even simply select a Basecamp to-do item as the details. Similarly if the project is a Timesheetr project, the to-do items dropdown will populate from any to-do’s that have been created.

To set up hourly notifications in Chrome, please visit your Profile page and click the button on the right. Read more.

Yes, you can add a default rate for the whole organization, then override rate per user, rate per project and even override rate per user per project.

1. The organization’s default hourly rate is set on the Account page.
2. For each user you can override their hourly rate on the team page.
3. For each project (client projects only) on the projects page.
4. For each user per project (click the cog icon next to the hourly rate, only for client projects) also on the projects page.

To enter the Basecamp Classic account information, follow these steps:

1. Basecamp Activation – In order to use any third-party programs with Basecamp, you must first enable API access to your Basecamp account.
Visit your Basecamp Classic account: https://xxxxx.basecamphq.com/ (use your own account name instead of the xxxxx)
To enable API access, first navigate to your Basecamp Dashboard, then click on the Account tab. You will automatically be on the first tab, which is “Payment/Plans”. If you scroll down on the page, you will see a section on the Basecamp API.
If you don’t see an API section, it means that you’ve already enabled API Access to your account.
2. Copy the token. On the My Info page, you can find it at the bottom of the page. Show Tokens. Copy the token for feed readers of the Basecamp API.
3. In Timesheetr visit the account page (as the Timesheetr account OWNER): https://timesheetr.com/index.php?p=settings/company
4. Select the “Basecamp” tab
5. Select the “Basecamp Classic” tab
6. Enter the Basecamp URL, similar to the example, and paste in the “Account Owner’s token” and hit Save.
7. All users (except admins, who don’t need it) will now have the ability to add their own Basecamp tokens (on THEIR My Info page) to get an individual list of projects. The token is entered on their profile page.

You have to log in as the account owner (admins and super admins do not have access), then enable the New Basecamp project synchronization, by visiting the Account page, Select the New Basecamp tab, then click Connect (or Connected if done before). This will open a page on Basecamp.com. Read more.

Once the owner has set up the Basecamp connection, you’ll be reminded to set up your Basecamp connection. This can be done on your profile page and ensures you always have an up-to-date list of Basecamp projects. Read more.

While there is no native app, you can just use Timesheetr in any mobile browser, including all smart phones running Android and iOS and tablets such as iPad.

Read more about the Zapier integration to enable an even easier Billing experience.

Timesheetr projects are accessible by all Timesheetr users, but this default behavior can be changed with a simple setting. Read more about limiting Timesheetr project access.

Yes, your clients can access Timesheetr To-do’s. Visit Settings > Team > Clients, where you can add your clients. Then you can select them on Settings > Projects by clicking the person icon to select who is on a project.


  • Clients don’t count towards your user total
  • Clients can’t track time
  • Clients can’t see the planning.
  • If there are certain To-do lists that you don’t want your client to see, you should change the visibility of the To-do list.

To submit your Timesheet, click the button on the right side of your Timesheet and submit your time for the last or current billing period. Read more…

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