Typical Use

Watch a short video about how to use Timesheetr

Tracking Time

After selecting some time on your time sheet (by clicking or dragging a selection — those are the blue blocks in the screenshot below), you can select the project that you worked on. You can then continue to add details or pick a to-do item from Basecamp or Timesheetr as the details.

 Timesheetr select time

To pick a to-do item, click on the drop down. For the To-do drop down to appear, you need the Basecamp integration on your account or be using Timesheetr projects.

Timesheetr select project

Note: After you select a to-do, right before you hit enter or click Save, you can click the arrow to open that Basecamp or Timesheetr to-do in a new tab.

Edit or Delete

To edit or delete a block click the edit or delete button in the top right.

Edit or delete time

To Edit the details, you can also simply double click on it. When ready hit enter or click or anywhere outside of the block or click the checkbox.


  • You can’t change the project name of a block. In that case, delete the block and add another one.
  • If the full block appears in a red color, that means it’s been billed already and you can’t edit it.
  • To reveal the early and late hours of a day, click the little arrows towards the top and bottom of the screen.
    Show early and late hours of a day

Moving and resizing

This works just like any calendar app. You can grab the handle at the bottom to make it bigger or smaller. You can also drag the header and move it anywhere you like (except on top of other blocks).

Grab the handle to resize