Typical Use

After selecting some time on your time sheet (by clicking or dragging a selection — those are the green blocks in the screenshot below), you can select the project that you worked on. You can then continue to add details or pick a to-do item from Basecamp as the details.


To pick a to-do item, click on the drop down. For the drop down to appear, you need the New Basecamp integration enabled on your account. The to-do drop down only works on Basecamp projects, not on any custom projects.


Note: After you select a to-do, right before you hit enter or click Save, you can click the little arrow to open that Basecamp to-do in a new tab.


Edit or Delete a block: hover over any block and 2 icons appear: edit and delete.


Edit the details of the time block: Double click on the block and edit it’s details (1). When ready hit enter or click (2) or anywhere outside of the block.


Resize the time block: simply hover near the bottom edge of the block and you’ll see a small icon appear: you can now drag and resize the block. Let the mouse button go when it looks good. You can also move a time block by dragging it’s top part. In the screenshot below, it’s the light blue part of the block with the edit and delete icons in it.


Change to another date: click the arrows on either side of the date at the top. Or click the date itself and a pop-up with a calendar appears. Simply click the date you want to see, and Timesheetr will load that date for you.



Note you have to be at least an admin to do billing.

Select Billing in the menu. First make sure you that the correct period is selected. Then click on any unbilled project. Note that only projects show up that are billable (this is part of the project settings, Basecamp projects are billable by default).


Now you can add the details to a new invoice in Freshbooks. Make sure that the Freshbooks option only shows up if the Freshbooks integration is activated. Otherwise you can still simply paste the details to an invoice program of your choice and mark the selected items as invoiced.


You can also add the details to an existing (draft) invoice in Freshbooks.



You can see that the items were marked as invoiced, when the page is updated.


You can check in Freshbooks that the items were added to the invoice.



Note you have to be at least an admin to do payroll. Set up the payroll email on the Account settings page.

Select Payroll in the menu. First make sure you that the correct period is selected. Then simply click Send to send the time for all employees to the payroll company. Any reimbursements that were recorded for the same period will be included also.



Select Time Report from the menu to see the summary. Select the period and then select a user to zoom in on that user and show a chart.


After selecting a user and clicking ok, you will see the spline chart. Click the button to see the bubble chart. The bubble chart is great to see where you spent your time, especially when you select a larger period of time.