Privacy Policy

Smartster Media Pte. Ltd. respects and is committed to protecting your privacy.

Our website

The website automatically receives and records information on our server logs from your browser including your IP address and the page(s) you visited. Log files are part of the hosting services we use. We do not track you nor sell your personally identifiable information to anyone. Over time information from logs is removed and aggregated into charts to display the number of visitors etc. We do NOT use Google analytics. Not on the website and not in the application. But we do use Google re-Captcha service on the website to prevent spam bots and fake accounts. Sorry!

The website does not need cookies to function (mostly), but the application uses cookies to keep track of certain settings and other information associated with your account to function. When you log out the cookie is destroyed and you would need to login again.

Personal Information

The information we require to sign up for an account is used so that the application can send you notifications and send invoices. We do not ask for more information than we need for the application to function. Even though you can opt out of any notifications via an unsubscribe link in each email, we don’t recommend unsubscribing from all notifications because in case of billing problems, and we’re unable to reach you, this could mean the service could be disconnected seemingly without notice.

To find out which information we have about you, please visit your account page and the users page.

Third parties

If you connect to Basecamp we will retrieve (not send) information about (1) project titles and (2) to-do titles and (3) the lists they’re a part of.

If you connect to Freshbooks (for invoice service), then on the billing screen we will retrieve the open invoice numbers and associated company names from Freshbooks and the amounts of the invoices to allow you to select which invoice to update. When you click the button to create or update an invoice, we will send only the visible/ selected information about the invoice line to Freshbooks to update/ create your invoice.

Hosting service

Timesheetr uses the hosting services from Hensel Hosting B.V. and/or Code Orange Ltd. and stores information on it’s (cloud) infrastructure. It’s possible to use private hosting controlled by Smartster Media Pte. Ltd. if you wish to further physically separate your data from any other Timesheetr customers. This is possible starting at plans with 50+ users and require annual payments in advance. Contact us for the options.

Removal of information

Upon request, we will remove your information from our databases. We also regularly clear cache and log files to keep our systems clean.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

Facebook Free Business

Smartster Media Pte. Ltd. is a 100% Facebook Free business.