About Us


For our marketing agency and web hosting business we needed to track time for both our employees and our clients, since we, like most businesses, need to pay our employees and invoice our clients. Unfortunately we could not find anything out there that did what we wanted: accountability for each 15 minutes of the day. Most solutions out there offer timers or tools to record the time, but miss the big picture: a visual overview, which is the easiest way to spot time that is not accounted for. On top of that, many tools record time for billing, but the tracked time can also be used for paying your staff.

In the beginning…

First we used Microsoft Excel to record time for paying our staff, then Google Apps for easier collaboration. For billing we saved our time in Basecamp Classic, but doing billing was still a painful process, and we didn’t know how accurate that timing was, it would never add up to 8 hours. Then we built Timesheetr from the ground up. An extremely simple to use product that does it all.


Now billing clients and paying staff are both easy processes and we save ourselves a ton of time every single week. It has been great for our cashflow too. Join and start saving time today!