Submit your Timesheet

Submitting your Timesheet is currently in private beta. Please contact support if you’d like to participate.

Submitting your Timesheet helps during the billing process. The admins will know that the Timesheet has not only been filled out; it has been checked by the team member as well.

The perfect time to submit your Timesheet is shortly after the billing period ends.

– your admin probably

Users and admins alike can submit their timesheet at any time, by clicking the round Submit button on the top right hand side of the timesheet. Click the (movable) button to open a drawer with all billable time in the current and last billing periods.

Each organization can set up their own Billing schedule, so this could be different for your organization, but let’s say it’s weekly (Mon-Sun), then if you don’t work on the weekends, you could submit your Timesheet already on Friday after work. If you’re not sure if you’re working the weekend, then it’s better not to submit until Sunday night or Monday morning, because you can’t make any changes once you submit.

Note: Once you submit your timesheet, you can’t make any more changes in the applicable period.

Billing (by admins)

Admins can see who submitted their timesheet, and who didn’t, on the Billing page.

First select the period in the top-right corner and press OK.

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