Easier invoicing and other updates in version

Since it comes back so often, it’s now even easier to create an invoice from the previous timesheet activity. You can select a part of the period, easily add to your invoice. It’s easy to work with with automatic pre-select and instant updates.

Items on the invoice are now in a more logical order, so your invoice looks even better.

And you can mark a user as an employee, contractor or other, which will help with your payday administration. Employees and contractors will go on your payroll email, while other allows for an alternative method you have for paying those (eg. if it’s a contractor not setup to pay via your payroll company).

Contractors will automatically disqualify for overtime.

Bugfix for leaving comments on a day that was disabled because it had items on it that were invoiced earlier.

Various User Interface improvements and the application now works well on smaller screens.

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