How to make billing with FreshBooks even easier


⚠️ This is an old post and the Freshbooks integration is not part of the core product anymore. However, we still recommend this best practice for naming your projects, as it will be a good consistent naming convention, and with our upcoming Zapier integration, this best practice, will save you time in the future.

If you have a specific requirement, you can always ask us to add it to the product.

Billing with Timesheetr is easy: It generates all the details you need to quickly do the billing. Link it up to FreshBooks makes it even easier. But setting up a naming convention between Basecamp and FreshBooks means Timesheetr can automatically select the invoice to add billable items to, or select the right client to create an invoice for.

Assuming you have set up the FreshBooks integration on the account page (can be done by the account owner), I’ll explain how Timesheetr currently looks at project names in Basecamp versus Client names in FreshBooks. If you line up the two, magic happens and time is saved!

Note: Timesheetr pulls in the latest project names automatically every hour, so if you’re making updates and want to test it right away, click save on the account page (every admin can do this) to update to the latest Basecamp project names.

Timesheetr looks at the Basecamp project and assumes you have the client name first, then a colon “:” and then the rest of the project name.

For example:
If your FreshBooks client looks like this: Acme, Inc

Then your Basecamp project should look like something like

  1. Acme, Inc
  2. Acme, Inc: New Website
  3. Acme, Inc: My cool project name
  4. Acme
  5. Acme: New Website

So if your Basecamp project names start with the (exact same) client name as FreshBooks, then a colon “:” and then the rest, Timesheetr is able to do the matching and save you time.

Note that the colon and the rest is optional: if you just use the client name, everything works well also.

You can even be less specific and use one of the words of the FreshBook’s client name in the Basecamp project name, like example 4 and 5, but that could get trickier. The more specific, the better it works, especially if you have many clients and if their names look similar.

Please contact support with any feedback you have on this new feature.

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