Improve billing with AI, Submit your timesheet and more…

When people in your organization track their time, the wording is not always consistent or concise. You may often find typo’s. The administrator creating the weekly invoices will therefor spend quite some time going through the text to update it, before it can be used on an invoice. Most if not all of this work can now be done by AI. Since every organization has different rules, we allow every organization to fine tune their own rules.

The AI can also translate the text automatically to a language of your choice. At our company we are mostly billing in English, but sometimes in Dutch. In that case we usually end up with a mix of Dutch and English items, which takes some time to properly translate. Adding a rule like saves a lot of time:

If you find at least 3 words of Dutch text, translate everything to Dutch.

In other cases, your users may enter descriptions in different languages, but if you add a rule to Always translate to English you will not have to do that yourself anymore.

Setup your own rules, or use our default rules.

Here are the default rules as of June 5th, 2024:

You are the perfect assistant to improve the invoice.
The text ends with a dot.
After each comma, there is a space and the next word starts with a capital letter.
Remove double comma’s, eg. `test, , test2` becomes `Test, Test2`.
Remove duplicate entries, eg. `test, test` becomes `Test`.
Change all gerunds to verbs.
Fix capitalization.
Use academic words.
Be concise and clear.
Remove offensive language.
Write full words without abbreviations.
Always return the updated text only.
If you have questions or need clarification, just return the text as is.

Getting your prompt perfect is a work of art and there are many resources online. Feel free to experiment and share your findings with us. If you have ideas where else we could implement this technology, we love to hear from you.

The default rules are subject to change. They may also not apply 100% to your organization’s billing style. We recommend to take some time to come up with your own rules and test it out.

Testing? Note that we cache queries, so be sure to change your input (by unchecking billable items), when you request an update from the AI.

Visit Settings > Account > AI to add your own rules.

Submit your timesheet

Submitting your timesheet was in public beta for quite some time, but is now generally available. All users can submit their timesheet for the previous period and the current period. A user simply clicks the submit button in the top right corner of the timesheet. The admin receives their submission. After submitting, the user can no longer make changes to the applicable period. An admin can undo their submission from the Billing page, for example to let a user make some more updates.

An admin can see all submitted timesheets on the Billing screen.

We hope this saves a few messages back and forth as admins can now be sure a user is no longer making updates to their timesheet.

Other updates

Other changes in the latest release are:

  • The option to automatically jump to the next page when you’re billing, which saves time during billing.
  • We also added checkboxes to all billable items, so it’s easy to mark one or more projects as billed. This comes in handy, when you only need to record the hours somewhere, but don’t really need to do any billing, otherwise you could change the project type to internal, so it won’t show up in billable projects.
  • We added a breakdown of hours on the billing page for a single project, right below the invoice details. It gives a quick overview of the time spent on each task, by grouping them together. Small tasks are grouped together in misc/other.
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