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All Timesheetr data traffic between your browser and our servers is now encrypted. Other recent updates: No more requirements on browser zooming New users automatically receive a welcome email Speed improvements Improved time reports Improved payday section Security improvements Misc. bugfixes

New interface and many updates

The new beta interface just went live today. You can preview it, by clicking on “test beta” in the menu bar, when you’re logged in. A list of improvements: New interface to make it easier and quicker to enter time; Admin: Basecamp projects used to be client projects by default, but now you can change their project type, this means time […]

New User Interface, Planning module and Reimbursements

The new user interface allows drag/drop and resizing. Combined with the new colorful Bootswatch color themes, filling out a timesheet becomes a lot more fun and the more intuitive interface saves time. The planning module allows you to assign tasks to your team members, which will show up on their day. They can even drag the items onto their day which […]

Easier invoicing and other updates in version

Since it comes back so often, it’s now even easier to create an invoice from the previous timesheet activity. You can select a part of the period, easily add to your invoice. It’s easy to work with with automatic pre-select and instant updates. Items on the invoice are now in a more logical order, so your invoice looks even better. […]

New Basecamp Connection automatically updates your Project list

The New Basecamp connection functionality went silently live a week ago! You can now connect to both the Classic Basecamp and the all New Basecamp at the same time. The new Basecamp connection works with oAuth2, the old one with a token. Having both connections at the same time, makes it easier to transition from the Classic Basecamp to the […]

Color profiles and daily tracker

Updates: Daily tracker to keep you up to date on today’s achievements Color profiles via the far right menu (click your name) New menu structure (especially nice for the admins) Better mouse cursor for selecting multiple rows (+) Better behavior on different screensizes Misc. bugfixes

Bootstrapped and Chrome Web Store

  I am proud to present the latest release of Timesheetr. Added a quick date selector Used Twitter’s bootstrap UI for a more consistent look and feel Cleaned up the interface Posted on the Chrome Web Store – so you can install it as an app in Chrome Hope you like it, if you have any feedback, please let me know […]

New favicon and keyboard shortcut

Small update with a new favicon (those little icons in your browser tabs)  to help you recognize the Timesheetr tab quicker. Another small update helps select the activity dropdown with one click of the slash (“/”) key. Just hit slash at any time and start typing the project you’re working on. Saves a couple of seconds and unnecessary mouse movements… […]

Browser notifications and more

The latest version ( features the following additions/updates: Chrome and Firefox browser notifications to alert you every hour to update your timesheet; Time indication (the red box) is now always accurate (continuously updates) and not only on page load, so you don’t have to check the clock so much; Minor bugfixes. Hope you’ll enjoy these updates, please let me know […]

Better select box for projects

The select box has been updated. You can now easily search for projects. This is especially useful if you have a long list of projects.