🏆 Rewards Program – what it is & examples

Note: This functionality is in beta. You can add the Rewards Program to your account via the Account Settings page, but please know that small changes can still happen (mainly tweaking awards and points). Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or specific interesting use cases.

You can use the information below as inspiration to create your own program and store it on your company wiki or website.

What it is

A Rewards Program is a program where your organization rewards your employees and/or contractors for filling out their timesheet on a regular basis, accurately and timely. Good time tracking benefits your organization and rewarding this behavior can therefor be beneficial. It’s also makes it more exciting to track time. The rewards show up in real time on the user’s timesheet in the sidebar. It looks for example like this:

What it is not

These are not rewards given by Timesheetr (the service) to its users. This is an optional program for your consideration, but you ultimately decide if you want to enable this program, or leave it disabled (default).


<<Insert your company name here>> wants to incentivize its team members to keep their timesheet up to date on a regular basis, to more accurately track the time spent on different tasks. Therefor this Rewards Program was created.


The following activities are rewarded:

ItemRewardsMaximum Rewards
Time spent on the timesheet page🏆 0.0100 for every minute*
spent on today’s date
Up to 0.4800 on a 8 hour day
Tracking time
(the quicker the better)
🏆 0.3000 for every hour of work time
tracked on the same day
Up to 2.4000 on a 8 hour day
Tracking time🏆 0.2000 for every hour of work time
tracked on the next day
Up to 1.6000 on a 8 hour day
Tracking time🏆 0.1000 or less for every hour of work time
tracked between 2-7 days**
Up to 0.8000 on a 8 hour day
Tracking time🏆 0.01 or less for every hour of work time
tracked after 7th day**
Up to 0.0800 on a 8 hour day

*) Requires some work time tracked on this date eventually
**) Tracking that late might not be possible depending on your company settings

This could potentially earn you up to 2.8800 points per typical day.
Or 748.8000 points per year (@ 5 days per week, 8 hour days, 52 weeks per year, weekly billing periods).
Or 345.6000 points per year (@ 3 days per week, 8 hour days, 40 weeks per year, weekly billing periods).

What do the rewards get me?

(example 1)

At the end of every year, the rewards you have accumulated are paid out as extra salary in US Dollars. So every point equals one US Dollar.

(example 2)

Every 200 points equate a $100 Amazon gift card. It will be sent to you during the Xmas season.

(example 3)

Every 100 points equate $100 which will be gifted to one of the following charities in December:

You can also receive the rewards yourself: every 100 points equate $50 and will be paid out with regular last pay of December.

(example 4)

Every year, the company ranks all team members by the number of points and the winners will receive the following:

#1 The person with the most points wins an Amazon giftcard for $100
#2 The second prize earns an Amazon giftcard for $50
#3 The third prize earns a copy of the award winning book “…”

Everyone, regardless of your ranking, will earn a bonus payment for each point earned. Each point is converted to USD $0.01 and paid out with your regular pay, near the end of the year.


  • You are not allowed to exploit this rewards program (please report any possible exploits);
  • While it’s not our intention, the company can decide at any time to turn off the rewards program;
  • Timesheetr (the service) can change the points for each activity, without notice, as this functionality is still in beta.


If you have any feedback about the Rewards Program, please let us know.

Known issues

  • An admin panel will be ready later to view the rewards for each user;
  • Timesheetr has set points for each activity. The activities and points cannot be changed by an organization.