Zapier integration

Zapier integrations

The Zapier integration is in private beta. To join the private beta, please contact support with your email address where we can send the invite.

Zapier Triggers

A trigger is an event that starts a Zap. Once you turn on a Zap, Zapier will monitor for that trigger event.

  1. Bill Projects: Triggers when an admin wants to bill one or more projects into a single invoice.
  2. New Project: Triggers when a new Timesheetr project is created.
  3. New User: Triggers when a new Timesheetr user is created.

Please check Zapier to see the most recent available Triggers.

Zapier Actions

Zapier actions push or put new data into apps through API calls that pass data from user customized input fields. Action steps in Zaps can create new items in an app or update existing items with a create action, or find existing items in an app with search actions.

  1. Create Project: Creates a new Timesheetr Project.
  2. Create User: Creates a new user.
  3. Create Client: Creates a new client.
  4. Create Planning: Creates a new planning item.
  5. Create Todo: Creates a new todo.

Please check Zapier to see the most recent available Actions.

Documentation: (with examples for the Billing integration)

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