show devices with timesheetr 2.0

Improved planning and mobile/tablet support

Version 2.0 is out and has a much improved mobile experience and planning support right on the timesheet. The list of updates: Planning is now updated on the timesheet every minute and it allows checking off items right from the … Read More

Basecamp To-do’s and more

Since version 1.10.6 it’s possible to select a to-do item from the New Basecamp project you select in the drop down. This will make it faster to enter details and makes time entry more consistent. This will also make sure … Read More

Improved planning features, faster loading speed and more

Version 1.9 brings: Allow bi-monthly payroll periods Speed improvements (CDN) for much faster page loading across the world User management page improved User Interface Planning URL for more information All users can see the planning in their own group, but … Read More


All Timesheetr data traffic between your browser and our servers is now encrypted. Other recent updates: No more requirements on browser zooming New users automatically receive a welcome email Speed improvements Improved time reports Improved payday section Security improvements Misc. … Read More

New interface and many updates

The new beta interface just went live today. You can preview it, by clicking on “test beta” in the menu bar, when you’re logged in. A list of improvements: New interface to make it easier and quicker to enter time; … Read More

New User Interface, Planning module and Reimbursements

The new user interface allows drag/drop and resizing. Combined with the new colorful¬†Bootswatch color themes, filling out a timesheet becomes a lot more fun and the more intuitive interface saves time. The planning module allows you to assign tasks to … Read More

Easier invoicing and other updates in version

Since it comes back so often, it’s now even easier to create an invoice from the previous timesheet activity. You can select a part of the period, easily add to your invoice. It’s easy to work with with automatic pre-select … Read More

New Basecamp Connection automatically updates your Project list

The New Basecamp connection functionality went silently live a week ago! You can now connect to both the Classic Basecamp and the all New Basecamp at the same time. The new Basecamp connection works with oAuth2, the old one with … Read More

Coming soon: Connection to the new Basecamp and Planning module

We’re excited to report that we are working on a connection to the all new Basecamp to be expected in the next release in a few weeks. And after that a cool planning function, which has been in the works … Read More

Color profiles and daily tracker

Updates: Daily tracker to keep you up to date on today’s achievements Color profiles via the far right menu (click your name) New menu structure (especially nice for the admins) Better mouse cursor for selecting multiple rows (+) Better behavior … Read More