Project access

Project Access settings

⚠️ This update only concerns projects you create in Timesheetr. Access to Basecamp projects is done on Basecamp itself. In a major update, Timesheetr now allows organizations to set the default Project Access settings. No action is required, but you … Read More

Pay everyone quickly with Wise

Using Wise for cross border payments, saves you money on bank fees and it saves you time and hassle.Note: You need a Wise Business account. You can use our referral link to sign up. The time that is tracked in … Read More

🏆 Rewards Program now in beta

You can now join our beta program to add your own Rewards Program for your organization, where your employees and contractors get rewards for tracking their time. Timesheetr checks when team members track their time and the idea is, the … Read More

To-do’s in beta

We’re excited to announce that To-do’s are currently in beta. To-do’s complement the time tracking and planning features that are already part of Timesheetr. Be the first to explore our latest feature before they are made publicly available. To join … Read More

Refreshed Interface

Version 2.7.0 brings many small updates together in an improved interface that just feels better. A lot of time has gone into the little details such as the new work-time chart, comment section and background images. Budgets and comments are … Read More

Repeating events for the planning

Good routines is what makes companies great. I’m sure your organization has things that come back all the time. It might be keeping Basecamp updated on Monday mornings. Or invoicing every Tuesday. Whatever it may be, you no longer need … Read More

Switch between organizations

In the upcoming release of Timesheetr (the visual time tracking application for creative agencies) you can log into multiple organizations. This allows you to switch between the organizations you work with, without the hassle of logging out and in, or … Read More

Keep track of hours on projects with budgets

If your clients give you a budget to work with, it takes regular effort to make sure the budget is not exceeded. Meet Budgets. Timesheetr now makes it easier by tracking hours against your budget. Timesheetr makes this information available … Read More

Flexible time slots or bracket sizes

With the latest Timesheetr update we are happy to support non-standard bracket sizes (or time slots). The bracket size is the smallest amount of time (or time resolution) that you can track time for. The original setting (and still the … Read More

Progress bars and theme updates

Progress bars Progress bars were added to the Timesheet so you can see how you’re doing for today’s planning and how you’re doing for the planned hours for the billing period. We use percentages and colors to show your progress. For … Read More